How to lose weight safely!

Losing weight is not difficult at all, but in fast manner and for long term keeping it off are what count the most and not to mention it still needs to be safe! There are dozens of methods to get rid of your obesity but are all the ways safe as well? Let’s discuss a few tips and tricks through which you can shed your extra pound quickly and definitely in a safe and secure manner.

  1. Breakfast is the King:

All the meals have their own importance but a Good Breakfast makes sure that you are on the right path. The best breakfast is when you feel full but not guilty of starting your day wrong and it keeps you satisfied as well for instance any choice of food between 400-500 calories with less fat, more & more fiber (veggies/ 100% whole grain) and protein ( nut butter/ nuts/ Low fat yogurt/beans/ eggs etc) count as a healthy breakfast. Hence, if you want to lose some serious pounds, begin eating a healthy breakfast.

  1. Prefer whole food:

Processed or packaged food is a No-no for anyone who is either willing to lose a few pounds or some serious weight. As Most of the processed food products have salt as a preservative. So, make it possible that the things which you take are whole and fresh that means fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain edible items, low fat contained dairy items and essential proteins.

  1. Avoid heavy intake of salt:

When you choose any snack or readymade food, make it sure that per serving the amount of salt is 140mg or less than this figure. So, you can focus on your mindful eating without wasting your calories unreasonably.

  1. Have a cup of coffee:

Caffeine is a great source of antioxidants and a natural diuretic, which prevents cell damaging. As a matter of fact, you can drink almost 400 mg coffee daily. Not like to have a cup coffee? You may take tea as well since tea is also a natural diuretic; especially all the herbal types of tea. Moreover, researchers also affirm that drinkers of green-tea burn up to 70 Extra calories in a 24 hours period in comparison to any other tea drinker.

  1. Skip sugar contained drinks:

It is a no-brainer; liquid food calories do not make you feel as full as real food does. So, keep a check on your intake of beverages (alcoholic/non alcoholic), sweetened tea/ coffee. Even if you take a small amount of all beverages, you have taken around 800 calories by nighttime and the worst part is you are still hungry. Therefore, it is ideal to avoid sugar when you want to say good bye to your obesity. Lose Weight Fast in 2017

  1. Eat spicy Food:

Eating spices can actually help you out in losing weight because there are several compounds that are present in spices that help your body to secret Stress hormones like adrenaline and that is quite helpful in speeding up your metabolic rate and ability of burning calories. Furthermore, taking hot peppers in your food can slow you down while you are eating, especially spices/peppers such as ginger, jalapenos, oregano and turmeric are a great help.

  1. Avoid Lack of sleep:

Sleep Deprivation is likely to make you obese! It is no surprise because there are various researches that confirm when you take less than 7 hours sleep, your metabolic rate gets slow. Thus, do not skip a good amount of sleep as it gives you a plus point when it comes to shed some extra pounds.

  1. Jot it down:

Well, tons of studies favor this fact that people who write every single thing that they intake are more likely to stay on track and may follow the healthy regime in a long run than those who do not keep a track. Fortunately, nowadays it is pretty easy to log whatever you are eating as there are numerous great apps present. They let you keep a record of your eating habits and interesting part is that they are free, so it means they will not be an extra burden on your pocket either.

  1. Walk/hike/aerobic:

Any form of exercise is good and especially exercise that is done in evening timings as your metabolism tends to get slow in evening. So, before dinner it is an ideal time to take a walk or a hike even as small as 30 minutes aerobic improves your metabolism dramatically. Plus, when you eat dinner your calories get burned faster due to this recent workout of yours.

  1. Try Phen24 Supplement:

There are many ways to lose weight and taking supplements to achieve your results faster is one of them. Over the counter, there are many of them that claim almost same thing but ineffective outcomes where as some of them truly claim that is worth your money and time. Phen24 is one those supplements that are safe and real effective. Why? Because its 2 in 1 formula works 24 hours to let you achieve a body that you really worth. It increases your metabolic rate. So, it is an ideal supplement to combine with any healthy choices that you are making on your Weight loss journey. Additionally, it is safe since it contains ingredients that are FDA approved.

In short, Weight losing process should not be tiring at all but on the same time, it should be Safe. If you follow healthy and safe ways, it can be done in a time frame of a few months; only when you are ready to give yourself a body that is healthy and a thing to be proud of!



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