Quick ways to lose weight

Life is fast, we need everything instantaneously. Speaking of that losing weight quickly is not a myth anymore, you might want to shed that Extra weight just for an upcoming event, for a wedding, for a job interview or just fit in your favorite outfit once again. No matter what the reason is, there are ways through which you can lose those extra over burden of pounds from your body by simply following these tips and tricks.

  1. Water is your Best Buddy:

Drinking plenty of water is the key. Every kind of drink has something that is not good for your weight loss journey, one has sugar, other has preservatives, or simply they count as calories but they will never satisfy you. So, your best deal is to have some water instead of having any other kind of drink. As water contains zero calories that makes it a best friend of anyone who looking for a short cut to weight loss and if you still feel it is boring to have water alone, just add a few slices of lemon to give you a bit of taste and it will surely jump start your metabolic rate as well.

  1. Measuring does not help always:

Well, meal portions are not all about sizes. You need to make rational meal choice even if you are making small portions, try to have a habit of mindful eating rather having only pasta or just extra large size of Barbequed Marinated Flank steak because when your body has something excessive or it is deprived of any nutrients, it will become the biggest blockage in your weight loss track. So, it always comes handy to know what you are eating and  how much your body requires it as in the quick method of losing weight, you would most definitely care to avoid any stupid mistake.

  1. Brush your teeth:

Yes, you have read it correct. , just after the any meal or especially before bedtime, brushing your teeth can actually let you feel less likely to eat anything. Why? Because taste of food does not fit well with flavors of food plus there are certain elements in your toothpaste that trick your brain in believing that your food craving has been satisfied. (Note: do not brush too much in one day because brushing too much can wear out your tooth enamel)

  1. Say yes to tight clothing:

Well, it may sound crazy but a tight pair of jeans helps you to eat less because it is not possible to overeat when you are not feeling comfortable, tight clothing is great for an immediate water loss even in just a matter of a few hours and this type of clothing is the best reminder to keep you on the track. So, add this method to the list of quick ways. J

  1. Raise your heart rate:

Every sort of exercise that increases your heart rate is the best starter since when your heart beat gets faster you are bound to lose Extra calories. Any workout even as short as only for 30 minutes really can do a splendid job for your dream body regime.

  1. Take a cup of Joe before beginning your workout:

A cup of coffee just before your workout really pumps you up to push yourself harder without realizing it. What does the reason? Coffee is able to trigger fat cells to be utilized as a source of energy. High amount of caffeine in coffee active your metabolism throughout the day; it is just that when you take it before exercise, its effects get maximize. Dr. OZ Garcinia Cambogia

  1. Sleeping is a Blessing:

Your body craves more quick fix sugar or unhealthy things when it feels lethargic and needs energy. So, basically 7-8 Hours zzz time is a must to let you feel less tired and more active throughout the day. Moreover, it accelerates your metabolic rate that eventually is good for your weight loss process.

  1. Trick yourself:

You are pretty determined to shed those extra pounds quickly but you are a human too. Although you have taken all the measures and you are adhere to your plan of getting your body in shape. Still you feel like eating a chocolate bar or may be that delicious caramel cake that waits in your fridge. Trick yourself by pairing your treat with something that lets you enjoy your sinful pleasure but on the same time, helps you to avoid taking wrong calories excessively; for instance : if you want to have some chocolate pair it with a low fat yogurt.

  1. Try a Natural Supplement:

Well, there are many supplements that enable you to get your desired body shape but our quick way list of losing weight cannot complete if we do not include “Garcinia Cambogia”. It is a supplement that has been prepared from the fruit extracts and the best part is “Garcinia Cambogia” speeds up your weight loss journey 2-3 times without following any strict diet or tough routine of exercise.

In short, use one way or another and sculpt a tight body.



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